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Link to KPBSD scholarship information, please check regularly for new postings.

Please check this page on a regular basis as new scholarships and links will be added as they become available.

Alaska Performance Scholarship
Governor Parnell proposed the Alaska Performance Scholarship (APS) in 2010 as an invitation to excellence, extended to Alaska students, parents, and educators. The APS is a merit-based scholarship that provides an opportunity for any future Alaska high school graduate who meets a core set of requirements to receive funding to pursue college and/or career training in Alaska.
12th Grade PEAK:
Info on resume writing, teacher recommendations, and standardized tests.

Scholarship Folder:
Info on applying for local and national scholarships. Seniors, this must be completed by December 1.

Western Undergraduate Exchange:
Rocky Mountain and West Coast schools who have reciprocal tuition with Alaska.

The Alaska Support Industry Alliance Scholarship

Common Application Link:




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