Welcome to Cooper Landing School

Can you believe the school year is almost half over?? After such a wild start due to the Swan Lake Fire, things have fallen into place. So many learning opportunities take place in this wonderful little K-12 school where we currently serve 13 students.  We have one teacher and one full time instructional aide.  Together, they do a remarkable job meeting the varied needs of our learners.  Mr. Tommy Gossard became the head teacher in the fall of 2006.  He displays incredible dedication, enthusiasm, and commitment to the students’ learning process and to the success of the school.  He has been responsible for starting and continuing the fishing, archery, and skiing programs in the school.  Ms. Kristine Route is our full time instructional aide.  She is an incredible asset to Cooper Landing School, helping to make it an exemplary place of learning.  Ms. Donna Tucker is our new school secretary.

We have a strong volunteer program at Cooper Landing School.  Many community members help by sharing a variety of skills in the classroom.  With the combination of community volunteers, dedicated staff, and our very active and involved parents, the students at Cooper Landing School are provided with an incomparable learning experience.

The mission of Cooper Landing School is to provide a positive learning atmosphere, placing the highest emphasis on academic achievement and service to the community, while maintaining a balance between school, family, and community activities.  This will be accomplished by meaningful communication and collaboration to utilize all available talents and resources.

Cooper Landing School
19030 Bean Creek Road
Cooper Landing, AK 99572

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