Welcome to Cooper Landing School

Cooper Landing School is a wonderful little K-12 school where we currently serve 10 students via distance learning due to COVID-19.  We have one teacher and one full-time instructional aide.  Together, they do a remarkable job meeting the varied needs of our learners.  Mr. Tommy Gossard became the head teacher in the fall of 2006.  He displays incredible dedication, enthusiasm, and commitment to the students’ learning process and to the success of the school.  He has been responsible for starting the fishing, archery, and skiing programs in the school which will continue when the school reopens. Ms. Kristine Route is our instructional aide.  She is an incredible asset to Cooper Landing School, helping to make it an exemplary place of learning.  Ms. Donna Tucker is our school secretary. Currently, Ms. Route and Ms. Tucker are teleworking and Mr. Gossard is working at the school.

We are extremely thankful for the effort, teamwork, and collaboration of the parents during this time. We must finish out the school year strong and we encourage students and parents to continue working as hard as ever so that when it’s time to return for the next school year, students are prepared.


KPBSD is working closely with the State Department of Education and Early Learning, the State Department of Health and Social Services, and the Borough Office of Emergency Management to keep our staff and students safe. Education is delivered via “distance-delivered educational services to students” which will continue through the end of the school year, per State Health Mandate 013, issued April 9, 2020.

COVID-19 information: COVID-19 and KPBSD webpage, KPBSD Remote Learning Resources for Parents webpage,  KPBSD updates

Remote Learning

Visit our Resource Page, loaded with information for parents and students.

Looking for Internet Access?

KPBSD maintains a list of Internet Access Resources with details from local providers committed to supporting students and educators looking for connectivity.

Guidelines for Offline Learning Materials

The primary method of education delivery through the end of the 2019-2020 school year is online. However, some materials need to be sent home. These are considered “offline learning materials”.

The COVID-19 health guidelines for the exchange of offline learning materials are as follows:

  • Pick-up of offline materials is every Friday. Do not enter the school. Mr. Gossard will have your child’s work in a clear plastic bag and will place it on the shelves in the Arctic entry.
  • No paperwork or other offline learning materials or assignments given to a family should come back to the school.
  • To return offline work and assignments back to Mr. Gossard for grading, families can:
    • Scan and email materials
    • Take photos of homework with a phone and email the assignment directly to Mr. Gossard
    • Relay answers via phone to Mr. Gossard

If any of these guidelines create a hardship, please contact Mr Gossard for coordination of assignments and work.

The mission of Cooper Landing School is to provide a positive learning atmosphere, placing the highest emphasis on academic achievement and service to the community, while maintaining a balance between school, family, and community activities.  This is accomplished by meaningful communication and collaboration to utilize all available talents and resources.

Cooper Landing School
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Cooper Landing, AK 99572

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